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Digital retouching of your portait in half-hour increments. Please see above examples.


30 minutes - we work on your image for a half hour, with a focus on one aspect to improve (for example light skin smoothing OR mild blemish removal OR hair touch-up OR glasses glare reduction OR a clothing fix).


60 minutes - moderate level of retouching that builds upon our 30-minute offering with additional work on skin smoothing or moderate blemish removal.


90 minutes - a more in-depth retouching of your portrait including skin smoothing, detailed blemish removal and teeth whitening. We recommend this option if you see several things in your portrait that you'd like improved.


120 minutes is our premium offering which includes skin smoothing, blemish removal, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles (forehead, under-eyes, neck), hair touch-ups, teeth whitening, clothing fixes and finally an overall polish to make you look your best.


The longer we work on your portrait, the better you look!

Additional Photoshop Time

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